Professor of the biomedical area in DDS program at FES Iztacala of Autonomous University of Mexico, graduated as a doctor in Dental Surgery at Iztacala Faculty, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. He made the master's degree in Dentistry in the School of Dentistry of the UNAM and later his thesis and a residency in the laboratory of cellular biology of the division of postgraduate studies and research of Faculty of Odontology, his PhD was carried out in the Faculty of Education of the Universidad Anáhuac (México). He is currently responsible for the Research Laboratory in Education and Dentistry of the Iztacala FES. The lines of research in which he has dabbled and produced research work are: Dental pharmacology, response of periodontal bone tissue to mechanical stress and Cariology, in the educational aspect has worked and disseminated the use of the methodology of Problem Based Learning in Dentistry, he also built and designed an online Cariology course and is currently coordinating the project to create an online course on the pharmacological bases of dental therapeutics.