Case Report and Review of Pempigus Vulgaris

Valeria Yunuen Rangel Govea

Montrer University, Mexico.

Gabriela Elizabeth Gómez Cárdenas

Faculty of Dentistry of the Michoacana University of San Nicolas de Hidalgo, Mexico.

Cristóbal Landa Román *

Montrer University, Bachelor of Medicine, Mexico.

Francisco Javier Gómez Pamatz

Faculty of Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry service at the Morelia Children's Hospital, Michoacana University of San Nicolas of Hidalgo, Mexico.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Introduction: Currently the real cause of pemphigus vulgaris is unknown, however, it has been considered a genetic predisposition, associated with certain haplotypes (HLA), such as HLA-DR4 in the Jewish population, and HLA-DR14 and HLA- DR10 in Mexicans.

Objective: To report, and review the literature, in a case of blistering skin and scaly oral lesions consistent with Pemphigus Vulgaris in an 8-year old girl.

Case Presentation: 8-year-old female, presenting with reactive blisters. Physical examination revealed scaly areas, scars in various stages, blisters and bullae on the extremities, abdomen and face.

Conclusions: Interdisciplinary work between doctors and dentists allows the early detection and treatment of systemic pathologies in order to reduce their impact.

Keywords: Pemphigus, mouth, surgery oral, dermatology

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Govea, Valeria Yunuen Rangel, Gabriela Elizabeth Gómez Cárdenas, Cristóbal Landa Román, and Francisco Javier Gómez Pamatz. 2024. “Case Report and Review of Pempigus Vulgaris”. Asian Journal of Dental Sciences 7 (1):180-85.


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