2022 - Volume 5 [Issue 1]

Case Report

Management of Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma by Erbium YAG Laser: A Novel Approach- Case Report

Sakshi Gupta, Neelam Mittal

Page: 80-86

Endodontic Management of Mandibular First Molars with Radix Entomolaris: Two Case Reports

Neelam Mittal, Supriya Gupta, Sakshi Gupta, . Thivyashankari

Page: 87-92

Whale’s Tail Technique – A Novel Approach for Regeneration in Aesthetic Zone

Medha Sharma, B. S. Avinash, Rashmi Durga Kalyanam

Page: 147-151

Class II Malocclusion Treatment with the Distal Active Concept Technique

Mouna Ben Khalifa, Adel Ben Amor, Samir Tobji, Ines Dallel, Wiem Ben Amor

Page: 189-196

Delayed and Non-Healing Wounds in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Practice- A Case Series

George Varghese, Akhilesh Prathap, R. S. Nidhin

Page: 242-250

Maryland Bridge with Root Submergence - A Robust Combination

Soumya Rajdey, Siddhi Tripathi, Soorya Poduval

Page: 311-316

Systematic Review Article

The Effectiveness of LLLT on Orthodontic Tooth Movement Acceleration: A Systematic Review of Human Studies

Karima Dabbar, Wiem Ben Amor, Ghassen Kallel, Ines Dallel, Samir Tobji, Adel Ben Amor

Page: 301-310

Melatonin and Periodontitis – A Systematic Review and Meta Analysis

Selvamani Baskaran, R. Muthu Karuppaiah, K. Umesh, Sangeeta Chavan, R. Palanivel Pandian, P. Premkumar

Page: 70-79

Laser-assisted Dental Procedures: Is it a Safe Tool to be Considered in Pregnant Patients? A Brief Review

Haitham Elafifi Ebeid, Isabel Parada Avendaño

Page: 317-324

Case Study

Management of Deeply Carious Pulpally Involved Primary Teeth with Triple Antibiotic Paste – Review and Three Case Reports

Lakshmi Thribhuvanan, M. S. Saravanakumar, K. Rohini, Teena Joseph, K. V. Midhun

Page: 63-69

Management of Tongue Tie Using Diode Laser: A Case Report

Keerti Rawat, Kabyik Goldar, Prakriti Chaudhary, Dileep Kishore

Page: 197-200

Multidisciplinary Approach for Mapping Genetic Variants in Naevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome. Newly Identified Patched 1 Mutations in Half-Sisters

E. Vetró, J. Olah, T. Kalmar, Z. Maróti, E. Horvath, M. Szell, J. Piffko, L. Seres

Page: 93-100

Management of Instrument Separation: Retrieval and Bypass– Case Reports

R. Hemamalini, A. Vishalini, M. Kavitha

Page: 207-211

‘Better Late than Never’-A Case Report on Delayed Reimplantation of an Avulsed Tooth

Sudrisya Rajan, Prabhavathi Poornima, B. S. Keshava Prasad, Apoorva Prakash Karanam

Page: 255-259

Venous Hemangioma in Hemilabium Case Report

Gabriela Elizabeth Gómez Cárdenas, Cristóbal Landa Román, Francisco Javier Gómez Pamatz

Page: 277-280

Replacement of the Crown in a Fractured tooth Using the Coronal Tooth Structure: A Clinical Case Report

Shivani Chauhan, B. S. Keshava Prasad, Sheela N. V.

Page: 344-348

Resin Infiltration Technique – A Microinvasive Treatment Approach for White Spot Lesions

R. Veena, B. S. Keshava Prasad

Page: 369-374

Minireview Article

Today’s Vision Tomorrow’s Reality: Nanorobotics in Dentistry

Monika Singh, Ruchi Srivastava, Vivek Kumar Bains

Page: 55-62

Cryotherapy–A Glipmse of Hope in Endodontics

Prabhavathi Poornima, Atul U. R., B. S. Keshava Prasad

Page: 141-146

Nano Anesthesia and Nano Drug Delivery- A Review Article

Renuka Nagarale, Neetu Kadu, Pratik Dhumavat, Satyajit S. Muluk, Arshad Jamal

Page: 363-368

Original Research Article

Antifungal Efficacy of Xylitol against Candida albicans: An In vitro Study

A. Vishalini, B. Siva, Madhulika Naidu, M. Anitha, P. Sivakami

Page: 101-107

Periodontal Status of Type II Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Individuals in Lagos, Nigeria: A Comparative Study

Olubunmi O. Onigbinde, Modupeoluwa O. Soroye, Solomon O. Adeoye, Oluwatobiloba E. Iroayo

Page: 48-54

Using 3D Finite Elements Analysis to Evaluate Stress around the Implants in All-on-four Concept

Yasser Baraka, Mohamed S. M. Shalaby, Hafez I. Bahnassawi, Nehad Harby, Mohamed A. Helal

Page: 12-22

Prevalence of Tooth Loss among Road Transport Workers in Owerri Metropolis

S. A. Fadare, A. A. Onwumma, M. C. Fadare, A. H. Adlawan, A. D. Gumanoy, E. L. Nnadi, A. T. Bademosi

Page: 116-123

Combined Effect of Acidic Beverages and Immersion Time on Bonding Strength of Composite to Enamel: An In-vitro Study

Mohd Haidil Akmal Mahdan, Nur Syahirah Abidin, Nur Aina Athirah Mohd Zaidi, Ahmad Syahrizan Sulaiman

Page: 224-233

The Impact on Children’s Lifestyle and Behaviour Due to COVID-19 Pandemic- A Questionnaire Study

Mandar Todkar, Renuka Nagarale, Pratik Dhumavat, Shivani Bhukan, Ayesha Suse, Falak Butt

Page: 234-241

Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Clinical Errors during Root Canal Treatment among Dentist

Renuka Nagarale, Mandar Todkar, Mushtak Khan, Junaid Attar, Irfan Khan, Tuba Khan

Page: 32-38

Assessment and Comparison of Facial Asymmetry by Photograph and Radiographic Methods

. Naheeda, Mrinal Bidri, Sameena Sultana, Shaik Mohammed Asif, Saeed Abdullah Arem

Page: 281-291

Prevalence of Gingivitis in Beta Thalassemia Major Patients- A Study amongst Pakistani Adults

Anum Haider, Zaheer Hussain Chachar, Sumayyah Aziz, Muhammad Yousaf Ali, Zubair Ahmed Khan, Khurram Ataullah

Page: 292-300

Association of Transgingival Probing with CBCT Evaluation for Determination of Biotype of the Gingiva

Muhammad Yousaf Ali, Sumayyah Aziz, Zaheer Hussain Chachar, Anum Haider, Farheen Qureshi, Myra Ahmed, Khurram Ataullah

Page: 325-332

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Two Local Drug Delivery Agents in the Management of Chronic Periodontitis – A Comparative Study

Eeva Sunny, M. P. Shyamala Devi, Anusha Anish, Sanjeev Ravindran, Hari S. Pillai, P. T. Annamalai

Page: 355-362

Evaluation and Comparison of Anti-bacterial Efficacy of Commercially Available Various Ayurvedic Mouth Ulcer Gels: An In-vitro Study

S. S. Jaya Karthik, P. Priya Dharshini, N. M. Pravina, R. Ganesh, Selvamani Baskaran

Page: 375-380

Review Article

Current Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery System for Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis

Parastoo Namdar, Rezvan Yazdian-Robati, Pegah Mosannen Mozafari, Maryam Hashemi, Atena Shiva

Page: 124-140

Effects of Nano-sized Particles on Mechanical Properties of Resin Dental Composites: A Review Article

Fathie Kundie, Nidal W. Elshereksi, Abdoulhdi A. Borhana Omran

Page: 166-178

Recent Advances in Biomimetic Materials Used in Restorative Dentistry: An Updated Review

Megha Rao, Vanamala Narayana, B. S. Keshava Prasad, Bushra Almas

Page: 179-188

Importance of Dental Records in Post-mortem Identification: A Comprehensive Review

Mandar Todkar, Renuka Nagarale, Danish Suhaib, Sumayya Kazi, Nishigandha Waghmare, Sarim Khan

Page: 201-206

“Monoblock Effect” – A Review of the Concept, Types, and Sealability

Jeeba Sabu, N. Vanamala, B. S. Keshava Prasad

Page: 260-269

Extraction Vs Non-Extraction / the Debate Continues: A Review

Deepak Mohan Soni, Rajeev Sharma

Page: 270-276

Nanoparticles Enhanced Photodynamic Therapy in the Treatment of Periodontitis

Priyanka Agarwal, Pratibha Shashikumar, Shipra Rai

Page: 333-343

“Impact of Telemedicine in Dentistry”-An Indian Perspective

B. Shivane Prabha, Thalaimalai Saravanan, R. R. Mahendra Raj, B. Ravisankar

Page: 349-354

Short Communication

Oral Prosthesis and Diabetes: Circumventing the Opportunistic Fungal Infections during SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

H. S. Sreeshyla, Srinivas Iyer Meenakshi, Aradya Anupama

Page: 251-254

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