Revascularization or Apexification: Treatment of Choice in Non Vital Teeth- A Case Report of 2 Teeth

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Palvi Gupta


Alternatives like apexification or revascularization can be performed for the treatment of non vital teeth in young permanent teeth. Apexification with Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is the best alternative but it has the limitation of high cost and non-reinforcement of root canal dentin. So a new material Biodentine bioactive calcium silicate-based cement has been recently launched in the dental market as a ‘dentin substitute’ which claims improvements of some of the properties such as physical qualities and handling. Nowadays regeneration of tissues is the emerging and exciting field in the health sciences rather than replacement with artificial substitutes. Pulp revascularization depends on the ability of residual pulp and apical and periodontal stem cells to differentiate. However, both the methods i.e., apexification and revascularization are effective regarding the narrowing of the apical foramen of an immature tooth.

Apexification, non vital teeth, revascularization.

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