Use of a Custom Incisal Guide Table for Anterior Guidance Rehabilitation with a Combined Prosthesis: A Case Report

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Ben Kalifa Sarra
Mabrouk Yosra
Labidi Amel
Mansour Lamia
Trabelsi Mounir


Restoring anterior guidance in prosthetic rehabilitation should involve both esthetics and function. In fact, the functional aspect must represent the starting point for achieving optimal esthetics.

A correct anterior guidance should be comfortable, functional and stable, even without posterior teeth contact.

The anterior guide table is a device used for transferring the unique features of a specific anterior guidance developed in provisional restorations to the final restorations.

The purpose of this article was to describe a technique used for the construction of a customized incisal guide.

Anterior guidance, customized incisal guide table, esthetics, function, provisional restorations

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Sarra, B. K., Yosra, M., Amel, L., Lamia, M., & Mounir, T. (2020). Use of a Custom Incisal Guide Table for Anterior Guidance Rehabilitation with a Combined Prosthesis: A Case Report. Asian Journal of Dental Sciences, 3(4), 40-46. Retrieved from
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