Perforating Sialolith: A Case Report

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Shobha Sikkerimath
Aditya Anshu
Anu Jose


Sialolithiasis is one of the common disease affecting salivary gland of head and neck region mainly submandibular gland. They are calcified deposits found in gland or its duct, composed of organic and inorganic substances. Rarely they enlarge in size above 10 mm and cause perforation of the floor of mouth. Such sialoliths are called as giant sialoliths. They manifest as a hard swelling in floor of mouth, associated with pain. Diagnosis is confirmed with the help of radiographs – occlusal radiograph, orthopantomogram or computed tomography scan in which the stone manifest as well defined radio-opacities. Various modalities of treatment were described in literature, which include intraoral/extraoral sialolithotomy, milking of gland, resection of gland etc. The choice of treatment should be based on size and location of the stone. Here we report a case of perforating sialolith in a 62 year old male patient treated by intraoral sialolithotomy.

Sialolith, submandibular gland, salivary gland, giant submandibular stone, sialolithotomy.

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