Multidisciplinary Approach for the Management of Orthodontic Treatment Failure

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Nissaf Daouahi
Donia Ouada
Dalenda Hadyaoui
Belhassen Harzallah
Mounir Cherif


This article describes a case of full mouth rehabilitation using ceramic veneers in combination with periodontal surgical approach for the management of orthodontic treament relapse.

A 38 -year-old female patient presented with a chief complain of poor esthetics after orthodontic treatment. She was bothered especially about her smile and was asking for its improvement. Unesthetic smile was caused by eroded maxillary incisors and old metal ceramic crowns with greyish shadow. Altered occlusal plan was also detected.

The treatment plan included endodontic re- treatment and crown lengthening followed by minimally invasive ceramic restorations including anterior and posterior Ceramic veneers.

Esthetic, veneers, orthodontic failure, management, full mouth rehabilitation.

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Daouahi, N., Ouada, D., Hadyaoui, D., Harzallah, B., & Cherif, M. (2020). Multidisciplinary Approach for the Management of Orthodontic Treatment Failure. Asian Journal of Dental Sciences, 3(3), 20-30. Retrieved from
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