Molar Hemisection in Teeth with Advanced Furcation Lesion: A Hope for the Hopeless

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Mitali Bhosale
Purva Vijay Sinai Khandeparkar
Siddhi Shetye
Rakshit Vijay Sinai Khandeparker


Aim: The preservation of a functional dentition is very important in young individuals. Mandibular molar teeth, the first to erupt in the oral cavity are highly susceptible to caries. Pulpal involvement of these teeth along with furcation defects is a challenge to the maintain them in a functional occlusion. Advances in Restorative and Periodontal dentistry have made this possible.

Presentation of Case:  This is a case report of a 20 year old male patient with a chief complaint of pain and mobility in the mandibular left first molar. On examination, the tooth had a carious involvement, was sensitive to percussion and revealed grade 1 mobility with Glickman’s grade III furcation defect. A provisional diagnosis of a primary endo with secondary perio with tooth number 36 was given. On radiographic examination, bone loss was evident involving the furcation area. Root canal treatment was performed along with hemisection of tooth.

Discussion: In the Past cases exhibiting Glickman’s grade II or III furcation defects were considered untreatable. Root resection procedures help maintain a part or the entire tooth. These procedures are highly complex and their success depends upon a proper case selection.

Conclusion: The conservative management of teeth in young patients showing furcal defects can not only help maintain the tooth in functional dentition but it also reduces the financial burden, psychological stress and occlusal dysfunction.

Hemisection, mandibular molars, furcation defects, root resection surgery, root separation

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Bhosale, M., Khandeparkar, P. V. S., Shetye, S., & Khandeparker, R. V. S. (2020). Molar Hemisection in Teeth with Advanced Furcation Lesion: A Hope for the Hopeless. Asian Journal of Dental Sciences, 3(3), 9-13. Retrieved from
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