Maxillary Secondary Impression in Case of Hyperplastic Schroder Area: Clinical Report

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Masmoudi Karim
Jemli Safa
Achraf Fnaiech
Adouani Hana


Much has been spoken about secondary impression in making complete denture. In fact, it must exploit all the positive landmarks enhancing the stability.

Generally, an immediate recording of the denture support area is possible while the fibromucosa is adherent and firm, but uncommonly, due to anatomical particularities such as hyperplastic Schroder area, the impression requires specific technical modifications.

Indeed, this glandular zone, defined as an overextended non-inflammatory palatal papillary hyperplasia require an impression using selective pressure technique while the surgical option is impractical.

The aim of this paper is to explain the principles of this method through a case report and detail the clinical steps of the denture fabrication enhancing the comfort and the fit of the prosthetic rehabilitation.

Retention, complete denture, impression, hyperplasia.

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Karim, M., Safa, J., Fnaiech, A., & Hana, A. (2020). Maxillary Secondary Impression in Case of Hyperplastic Schroder Area: Clinical Report. Asian Journal of Dental Sciences, 3(2), 1-7. Retrieved from
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