Aesthetic Considerations When Restoring Single Maxillary Central Incisor

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Ahmed Besrour
Nissaf Daouahi
Dalenda Hadyaoui
Adel Amor
Mounir Cherif


The aim of this article is to illustrate the aesthetic rehabilitation of a discoloured maxillary central incisor according to dominance principle based on establishing ideal proportions.

The factors that can affect the aesthetic value of a dental supported crown in the aesthetic zone are also discussed.

These parameters include abutment colour, ceramic thickness, the opacity of luting agent and gingival contours.

The article describes a clinical situation of restoring a discoloured maxillary central incisor using an all ceramic crown. The patient presented with a hidden smile and was asking for improvement of its aesthetic appearance. Clinical examination showed a discrepancy between the central incisors.

The treatment plan included crown lengthening followed by Lithium Disilicate Ceramic crown. The opacity of the material was selected according to the abutment discolouration.

An IPS Natural Die Material shade guide was also used. The restoration was bonded using a resin material.

Finally, Pink/white aesthetic score PES/WES was applied to evaluate the aesthetic outcome.

Maxillary central incisor, aesthetics, glass ceramics, luting agent, abutment teeth colour

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Besrour, A., Daouahi, N., Hadyaoui, D., Amor, A., & Cherif, M. (2018). Aesthetic Considerations When Restoring Single Maxillary Central Incisor. Asian Journal of Dental Sciences, 1(1), 1-6. Retrieved from
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