Venous Hemangioma in Hemilabium Case Report

Gabriela Elizabeth Gómez Cárdenas

Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, México.

Cristóbal Landa Román *

Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, México.

Francisco Javier Gómez Pamatz

Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, México and Maxillofacial Surgery service of the Children´s Hospital of Morelia, México.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Infantile hemangiomas (IH) are benign tumorous vascular lesions of endothelial origin that appear in early childhood with a higher incidence in women than men affecting 8-12% of infants. Clinically, variables in size and shape are appreciated predominant in the skin, subcutaneous tissues, bone, liver and spleen. In rare cases, they even become ominous in appearance and generate functional disability that interferes with eating and language. The correct diagnosis is achieved through the clinic and diagnostic aids such as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging techniques. Treatment must be multidisciplinary. It depends on the size, location and style of the lesion. We present the case of a 6-year-old female patient with a three-year-long brown-colored increase in volume on her lower left lip occurs intermittently with increase and dissemination of the lesion with exacerbation pictures which was treated surgically by the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of the Children's Hospital of Morelia.

Keywords: Hemangioma, case report, childhood, vascular malformation

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