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Current Issue

2023 - Volume 6 [Issue 1]

Case Report

Tooth Fragment Re-attachment: A Biological Approach

V. Rajashekar Reddy , Nisha Gupta , Nagalakshmi Chowdhary , Ambika K. Nandini

Page: 61-66

Modified Groper’s Appliance (BI-Functional Groper’s) – Innovative Design for Management of Anterior and Posterior Teeth Loss

K. Sudheer Kumar, B. V. Thimma Reddy, B. Uday Kumar Chowdary, R. Hemanth Kumar, J. Raghavendr Akumar, E. Lilly Grace

Page: 116-124

Unlike Poles Attract Each Other: Over Denture with a Twist!!!

Prakash Nidawani , Saumya Singh , Shiva Sai , Girish Galagali

Page: 188-196

A Case Report on Dental Management of a Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Khan Shumayla , Goswami Mousumi , Saxena Aditya , Shivangani

Page: 226-231

Soft Tissue Reconstruction for Pre-prosthetic Site Development: A Case Report

Das, Saswati Mukherjee , Das, Ujjwal

Page: 240-245

Systematic Review Article

A Systematic Review on Management of Condylar Fracture

B. Niranjana , Aishwarya Kumar , Prarthana Basu , Ashish Sharma , Himanshu Bhutani , Sugandha Kaushik

Page: 84-95

Case Study

Single-Visit Apexification by Platelet-Rich Fibrin and Biodentin - A Case Report

Juhi Dubey , Rashmi Saini , Anuj Gaur , Anushriya Dutta

Page: 67-72

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, an Enigma Unfolded: A Case Series

Sugandha Kaushik, Ashish Sharma, Himanshu Bhutani, B. Niranjana

Page: 150-154

Conservative Management of Dentoalveolar Trauma Using Conventional Composite and Wire Splint: A Case Report

Shrimahalakshmi, N. Chowdhary , Veena

Page: 174-178

Unveiling the Rarity: A Comprehensive Report on Cementoblastoma

Garima Rawat , Ashish Garg , Hema Malini Aiyer

Page: 246-251

Management of Separated Instrument with File Bypass Method: Acquainting Two Case Reports

Zarekar M. S., Satpute A. S., Zarekar M.

Page: 328-333

Minireview Article

Valsalva Manoeuvre: A Versatile Diagnostic and Therapeutic Method

Neelima Gehlot , Sooraj S. Pillai , Snigdha Singh

Page: 220-225

Comparative Evaluation of Buccal Fat Pad and Nasolabial Flap for the Surgical Management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Prarthana Basu , Himanshu Bhutani , Ashish Sharma , Bikram Rana , Debdeep Bhattacharya

Page: 274-296

Fueling Your Smile: The Importance of Nutrition for Dental Wellness

Asma Saghir Khan , Nazish Zulfiqar , Mahum Waheed

Page: 308-317

Original Research Article

Assessment of Morphological Variations of Frenal Attachment in Diverse Population of Vidarbha Region

Anjali Mendhe, Pooja Muley, Himanshu Gupta, Jayant Rajguru

Page: 49-54

Comparison of Platelet Rich Plasma Mesotherapy Versus Vitamin C Hyaluronic Acid Mesotherapy for Facial Skin Rejuvination

Aishwarya Kumar, Ashish Sharma, Himanshu Bhutani , Niranjana B. , Prarthana Basu , Rajan Arora

Page: 125-137

Panoramic Radiography- A Diagnostic Marker for Early Detection of Stroke

Arushi Bhatia, Sumit Bhateja, Geetika Arora

Page: 1-11

Role of Tongue Print for Biometric Authentication in Selected North Indian Population: A Digital Forensic Study

Vibhuti Mudgal, Sumit Bhateja, Geetika Arora

Page: 12-17

Assesment of Gingival Zenith Position and Distance from Vertical Bisecting Midline in Right and Left Maxillary Central Incisors

Sneha Darade, Pooja Muley, Himanshu Gupta, Jayant Rajguru

Page: 55-60

Social Media Usage and Perception by Patients’ of Dental Aesthetics in Aurangabad

Priyanka Kamble, Pooja Muley, Himanshu Gupta, Jayant Rajguru

Page: 138-143

Assessment of the Relationship between Dental College's Intakes and Management of the Dental Human Resources in Sudan, 2020

Motaz Ibrahim Suliman, Alaa Abu Elgasim Mohamed, Almoeiz Y. Hammad

Page: 73-83

The Annealing Effects on the Modulus of Elasticity Properties of Different Varieties of Orthodontic Wires: An in vitro Study

I. Girish Kumar, N. Raghunath, . Jyothikiran, S. Pradeep, S. Suma, Varun Shankar

Page: 24-40

Correlation between Vitamin D and Severity of Periodontitis in CKD Patient

Sachin Singh , Upma Narain , Arvind Gupta

Page: 161-166

Awareness about the Effect of Contraceptive Drugs in the Oral and Periodontal Health among Women in Reproductive Age in Military Hospital at Omdurman (Sudan) in 2018_2019

Dalia Ahmed Gasm El Seed, Rayan Ismail , Tasneem Abd. Elraheem, Saja Osman, Habab Asim

Page: 167-173

Awareness of Smokers about the Effects of Smoking on Periodontal and Oral Health in the Military Dental Hospital in Omdurman (Sudan) in 2018

Dalia Ahmed Gasm El Seed , Malaz Yahya Abd Al-Kreem , Abeer Hussein Al-Bushra

Page: 179-187

Review Article

Use of 3D Printing in Prosthodontics: A Review

N. C. Arun Prasad, S. Gokul , S. Gayathri, B. Sowndarya, P. Yazhini, M. Aswin Monisha, V. Abarna

Page: 144-149

Oil Pulling: A Natural Cure to Oral Diseases

Amish Bansal, Arushi Bhatia, Sumit Bhateja, Sheena Thamman, Geetika Arora

Page: 18-23

Bioceramics Sealers: A Narrative Review

M. Akash, H. Murali Rao, B. S. Keshava Prasad

Page: 41-48

Applicability of Mixed Dentition Analyses on Indian Population: A Literature Review

Deepika Patidar , Dinesh Chand Patidar

Page: 155-160

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Current Trends and Future Aspect

Neelima Gehlot , Snigdha Singh , Sooraj S. Pillai

Page: 197-201

Magnification in the Operative Field of Dentistry: A Narrative Review

Priyanka Kamble

Page: 202-210

Magnification in Dentistry: Literature Review

Gurleen Kaur , Gunmeen Sadanam , Rashu Grover , Sunil Gupta , Teena Gupta , Manjul Mehra

Page: 232-239

Oral Health in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Review

Chaitanya Varma, Ashwin Deshpande

Page: 303-307

Intraoral Scanners- New Era in Impression Making: A Review Article

Pravinkumar Marure , Payal Bhutada, Suresh Kangane , Yatishkumar Joshi , Trupti Nakhate , Swathilekshmi Nair

Page: 318-327

A Comprehensive Review of Treatment Options of OSMF along with Future Developments

Neehal Kanojiya , Kirti Gautam , Pooja Mahay

Page: 334-341

Schematic Outline of Periodontal Diseases, which Includes Causes and Treatment Approaches

Yash Srivastav, Shrishti Mishra, Alka Verma

Page: 342-353