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Current Issue

2024 - Volume 7 [Issue 1]

Case Report

A Case Report on Endodontic Management of Maxillary First Molar with Two Palatal Canals

Saloni Sinha , B. S. Keshava Prasad , Murali H Rao

Page: 1-5

A Comprehensive Report on Cementoblastoma with Permanent Molar: Unveiling the Rarity

Punam Nagargoje, Govind Changule, Gopal Nagargoje , Komal Harde , Vijayalakshmi, Varsha Punpale

Page: 61-65

Bruxism Effect on Prosthodontic Management: Clinical Review

Sameh Rzigui, Mohamed Ben Yaala, Yosra Mabrouk, Amel Labidi, Sana Bekri, Lamia Mansour

Page: 93-99

Peripheral Ameloblastoma of Upper Gingiva in Lao Patient: A Rare Case

Viengsavanh Inthakoun , Maiboun Simalavong , Phetmany Sihavong, Phimfa Lee Sayaxang , Anhtana Photsavang, Chanthanome Mingboupha , Khanphet Laungamath, Vimonlak Bouphavanh , Vatthana Latsomphou , Fongsamod Daoungnuvong, Hue Vang

Page: 118-122

Recurrence Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma: A Case Report

Phetmany Sihavong, Maiboun Simalavong, Viengsavanh Inthakoun, Phimfa lee Sayaxang, Souksavanh Vongsa, Vatthana Latsomphou, Anthana Phosavang, Vimonlak Bouphavanh, Bounthone Bounmanatham, Phouthala Sayphiboun, Heu Vang

Page: 165-169

Systematic Review Article

Evaluation of Clinical Outcomes of Various Materials Used for Apexification in South Asia: A Systematic Review

R Jesanth Joel , Swathi Priyadharshini , I Anand Sherwood , Vaanjay M, Rathna Piriyanga , A Azhagu Abirami

Page: 100-110

Case Study

Long Standing Ameloblastoma Mimicking Residual Cyst: A Case Report

Sugandha Kaushik , Ashish Sharma , Himanshu Bhutani , Rajan Arora

Page: 41-46

Original Research Article

Correlating Dental Dimensions and Malocclusion Phenotypes in Brazilian Population: A Retrospective Study

Isabela Ribeiro Madalena , Marcos Rikio Kuabara , Caio Luiz Bitencourt Reis, César Penazzo Lepri , Maria Angélica Hueb de Menezes-Oliveira , Mirian Aiko Nakane Matsumoto , Maria Bernadete Sasso Stuani , Flares Baratto-Filho , Erika Calvano Küchler , João César Zielak

Page: 6-15

Frequency of Elli’s Class 4 Fracture in Males and Females Aged 10-17 Years

M. Dhakshinya, Vignesh Ravindran

Page: 22-31

Investigating the Antibacterial Properties of Neem Plant in the Context of Dental Caries

Henrietta O. Uzoeto, Atere, M. Ebunoluwa , Ahmed Taiwo, Ezeali Obasi, Peter C. Okorie , Cosmas Samuel

Page: 47-55

Relationship between Oral Health of Pregnant Women and Low Birth Weight of the Newborns in Lao PDR

Khouaxiong Xiaze, Chanthavisao Phanthanalay, Sengphouvanh Ngonephady, Lienthong Watsana, Somphone Thammavongsa, Khammai Sethavansay, Lasin Dalathong, Keothanouthong Boupha, Poun Phanthavong, Tavanh Phouthavong, Souk Panya

Page: 56-60

A Cross-sectional Study on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices toward Hepatitis B Virus Vaccination Status among Lao Dental Students

Viengsavanh Inthakoun, Maiboun Simalavong , Phetmany Sihavong, Phimfa lee Sayaxang , Anhtana Photsavang, Chanthanome Mingboupha , Khanphet Laungamath, Vimonlak Bouphavanh , Vatthana Latsomphou , Fongsamod Daoungnuvong, Thongsavanh Vetsuvan , Phetlamphay Sidanumon , Amplaivanh homsavath, Hue Vang , Koukeo Phommasone

Page: 66-74

Determination of Fluoride Concentration in Drinking Water Resource at Lao P.D.R.

Phimfalee Sayaxang, Phetmany Sihavong , Anhtana Photsavang , Viengsavanh Inthakoun , Maiboun Simalavong , Amphayvanh Homsavath , Thiphavanh Vongxay , Phetlamphay Sidanoumonh , Vimonlak Bouphavanh , Khanphet Luangamat , Malathip Kitavalada , Hue Vang

Page: 75-83

A Cross-sectional Study of Dental Caries and Quality of Life among 36–71 Months Preschool Children: Vientiane, Lao PDR

Amphayvan Homsavath, Eugenio. D. Beltrán-Aguilar , Viraseng Rajpho, Sagvan Sayavong , Sousida Xaykhamban, Chanvilay Soukhaseam , Phimfalee Sayaxang, Viengsavan Inthakoun , Phetlamphay Sidanoumonh , Bounthone Bounmanatham , Vinuth Phommakhone

Page: 84-92

Evaluation on the Teaching and Learning Arrangement of Undergraduate Students at University of Health Sciences, Lao PDR

Phetlamphay Sidanoumonh, Hue Vang, Chanthavisao Phanthanalay, Souksavanh Vongsa, Viengsavanh Inthakoun, Viengkham Keohavong, Phimfalee Sayaxang, Amphayvanh Homsavath

Page: 123-129

Lidocaine Induce Neurotoxicity and Peripheral Nerve Injury in Trigeminal Nerve System

Hue Vang , Viengsavanh Inthakoun , Phimfalee Sayaxang , Phetmany Sihavong , Anhtana Photsavang, Vimonlak Bouphavanh , Khanphet Luangamat , Maiboun Simalavong

Page: 156-164

Knowledge and Awareness among Parents of Children with Functional Orthodontic Appliances in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia: A Cross Sectional Study

Felwa Sulaiman AlHudaithi, Majd Abdullah Alghamdi, Ayat Hassan Al Saeed, Manar Albalawi, Najd Ahmad Alshammari

Page: 170-179

Review Article

Clear Aligner Therapy: A Paradigm Shift in Orthodontics

I Girish Kumar, Raghunath N, Jyothikiran H, Suma S, Pradeep S

Page: 32-40

A Black Pigmented Strain: Porphyromonas Endodontalis and Its Role in Endodontics

B.S. Keshava Prasad, Kuchimanchi Sneha Aishwarya

Page: 151-155