Stress and Oral Health among Medical Students. A Cross Sectional Clinical Study

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M. Shodan
Srinath Thakur
H. L. Jaykumar


Aim: To evaluate the perceived stress and its effect on gingival inflammation among medical students’.

Methodology: A Perceived Stress Scale questionnaire by Cohen and an self-administered potential stress factor questionnaire and was given to a convenient sample of 85 study subjects in an private medical college and hospital to assess perceived stress and possible potential factors. To assess the gingival inflammation, indices like Modified Quigley Hein plaque Index, Loe and Silness Gingival index, sulcus bleeding index was used.

Results:  Around 85% of them were stressed according to Perceived stress score by Cohen, and among possible potential factors; 51.8% of study subjects who were not staying in hostel previously were stressed and 75.3% study subjects who were having nuclear family were stressed.

Conclusion: Majority of the first year Medical students experience perceived stress, and factors like students having experience of hostel stay and nuclear type of family showed more stress, whereas the perceived stress dint had any effect on gingival inflammation. Future longitudinal studies are emphasized to know its effect on oral health

Oral health, medical students, dentistry

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